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CEO, Al-Kazim Tour & Travels

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Since the establishment of Al-Kazim Tour & Travel, we are providing services to the hujajs travelling to Saudi Arabia for Umrah and zaereens travelling to Iraq for visiting the Holy Shrines of Imam ALI (a.s), Imam HUSSAIN (a.s), Hazrat ABBAS (a.s), Kazmain and Samarah. We have catered thousands of zawaars since our inception to Iran also for ziaraat of Imam ALI RAZA (a.s) and Bibi MASOOMA (s.a).We are providing a wide range of services from assistance in visa application to hotel, food and transportation. We offers a variety of packages that zaereen can opt for that suit their needs ranging from budget to executive. Our mission is to make ziaraat convenient and affordable for zaereens. Testimonials offered by Zawwars who have used our services serve as a testament of the quality we offer to our customers.

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Our Packages

Saudi Arabia
(سعودی عرب)

Perform your Haj & Umrah and collect blessings of Almighty ALLAH by visiting Kaaba in Makkah and the shrine of beloved Prophet Hazrat MUHAMMAD (peace be upon Him & Family) in the guidance of religious scholars with Al-Kazim Tour and Travels.


Visit the Holy Shrines of Imam ALI (a.s) in Najaf Ashraf and Imam HUSSAIN (a.s) and His companions in Karbala along with many other holy places and shrines including the shrines of Imam ASKARI (a.s) & Imam NAQI (a.s) in Samarah and Imam MUSA KAZIM (a.s) & Imam JAWAD (a.s) in Baghdad with Al-Kazim Tour and Travel.


Must visit the Holy Shrine of Imam RAZA (a.s) in Mashad and Holy Shrine of Bibi MASOOMA FATIMA (s.a) in Qum and so many more holy places like Masjid-e-Jamkaran and Maqam KHIZER (a.s). Tomb of Imam Khumaini in Iran is also a must visit place in Iran.


Syria is blessed with the two of the most oppressed daughters of the Holy Prophet (s.a.w). One is the eldest daughter of Imam ALI (a.s) Hazrat ZAINAB (s.a) and the other is the youngest and the most loving daughter of Imam HUSSAIN (a.s) Hazrat Bibi SAKINA (s.a).

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iraq, ziaraat, karbala, packages, iraq
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